Three Interior Design Trends You Need To Try Right Now

Three Interior Design Trends You Need To Try Right Now


Design trends go in and out, sometimes based on popular choice, sometimes based on designer influence, but it's difficult to understand the inspiration behind them. These design trends, however, are based on lifestyles or ways of living that have remained popular for several years. 


1. Scandinavian

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

This first design style is influenced by Scandinavian homes and lifestyle. The Scandi trend focuses on light rooms, with neutral colored accents, and natural materials to account for those cold dark Northern winters. The result of these influences is typically a bright- yet relaxing- home with a natural feel. Designers often combine a mix of light woods and washed out grays to perfect this style. For tips and tricks on how to design your home using Scandinavian influences, try out this article on Apartment Therapy. 


2. Wabi-Sabi

Image Source: A.P.S. Rainbow

Wabi-Sabi Design is based on the Japanese lifestyle that combines simplicity and nature with the natural cycle of growth, aging, and even death. Much like Scandinavian design, this design trend is very minimalist and rooted in nature. For tips on how to design your home the Wabi-Sabi way, try this article from Elle Decor.


3. Hygge

Image Source: Alpine Modern

This design trend is based off of the Danish lifestyle of acknowledgement of a feeling or moment as cozy and comfortable. This specific design style has no set color palette or materials that define it, rather it is defined by the feeling one gets from the home. While that may be true, many Hygge homes often sport an abundance of fur, neutral colors, and natural materials as well as well-lit fire places and candles. For tips and tricks on how to design your home to express that feeling of Hygge, try this article from The LuxPad.


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