Three Rooms Inspired by Disney's Peter Pan

Three Rooms Inspired by Disney's Peter Pan


This Week we have put together three style guides inspired by Disney's classic animated film Peter Pan. Each room is themed after one of the three main characters in the film.

Peter Pan

From Top To Bottom: Callie Roll Arm Settee $697, Stilwell End Table $94, Peter Pan Throw Pillow $24, Neverland Alligator With Pocket Watch $49, Neverland Map $10

Faith, Trust, and A Little Bit of...

From Top To Bottom: Annette Cabriole Arm Chair $595, Tinkerbell Print $5, Glitter Throw Pillow $24, Safavieh Handmade Decorative Rio Shag Rug $432, Caitlyn Accent Table $266

But Peter, How do we get to Neverland?

From Top to Bottom: Elaine Tight Back Sofa $1,252, Wendy Darling Pillow $20, Handmade Paper Silhouettes $40, Fairy Curtain Lights $20, Female Black Steel Mannequin $55