DIY Easy Holiday Wreath

DIY Easy Holiday Wreath


     Half Wreaths are a new trend in Holiday décor. Made up of a base metal ring and an assortment of flowers and leaves, the half wreath is the perfect accent piece for your minimal holiday. Best of all! They are simple and affordable to make. It’ll only take about 15 minutes for you to have the perfect wreath! 

     Our favorite part about half wreaths is that you can make them for any season or holiday. This specific half wreath we designed for the winter holiday season. All of the supplies (Garland, Flower Hoop, Hot Glue Gun, etc.) we bought at Michael’s for very affordable prices. However, you can also find floral supplies at any craft store.
Never having made a half wreath (or wreath in general), we expected the process to be very difficult and take us a few tries to get it right. However, the process was very easy and resulted in a very beautiful half wreath.




Hot Glue Gun

Glue Sticks

Floral Hoop

Garland/ Flowers

Ribbon (For Hanging the Wreath)



         The first step in making the half wreath is to decide how you would like your wreath to sit. Some have the floral decorations sitting at the bottom half of the ring, some have them sitting directly on the left or the right of the ring, etc. We decided to set our floral arrangement angled to the bottom left of the ring.

         Once you decide where to place your floral arrangement, you’ll want to use your hot glue gun to add glue to the designated area.


         Right after you add your glue, you’re going to begin wrapping your garland or placing your first layer of leaves and flowers onto the ring.
    If you have a garland: Begin at one end of your designated area and tightly wrap the garland around the wreath.

         If you have leaves and flowers: Begin with the leaves as a base. Place the leaves so that they point outward, away from the inside of the hoop. You’ll want to make sure that they are a thick enough base and close enough together so that the hoop does not show.

         If you have a garland: In the image above, we chose to use a simple smaller garland as the base of our wreath. We found this specific item in the holiday section at Michael’s for around $12.

         Once you have wrapped your garland around the hoop, give it about three minutes to dry before you move on to step three.

         **If you buy a garland instead of individual flowers, it is likely too long for your designated area. So, once you reach your designated length, cut the garland and use the rest by repeating step two.**



          After you have let your garland dry for a few minutes, take your glue gun and add glue to your designated area (for best looking results add the glue to the inside of the hoop).
          If you have a garland: Once the glue is placed begin to wrap your garland in the same fashion as in step two. For this step we used a larger garland with leaves and flowers. This garland we found at Michael’s for around $12. Because it was larger, we decided to wrap this garland a little looser than the first one. Our garland was also too long once again. So, we cut the garland using scissors and repeated the step.
         If you have flowers and leaves: You’ll want to place the glue in designated areas over the leaves (wherever you think the flowers might look best) then place the flowers accordingly, letting it dry for about three minutes.


         Once you have let your wreath dry, tie a ribbon on it and voila! You’ve got yourself a beautiful half wreath, perfect for the holidays.