10 Things Harry Potter Would Love in His Bedroom

10 Things Harry Potter Would Love in His Bedroom


If you haven't heard of him, Harry Potter- or the boy who lived- is one of the strongest wizards to ever step foot into Hogwarts. He's an adventurous and talented Gryffindor who never backs down in the eyes of danger! The following is a list of things we felt Harry Potter would love to have in his bedroom, now that he's no longer in the cupboard of course! 

Hedwig Lamp from PBteen

This Hedwig Lamp from PBteen is the perfect homage to Harry's most trusted companion.


Hogwarts Throw Blanket from BoxLunch

This Hogwarts Throw Blanket from BoxLunch is the best accent blanket for any respectable Hogwarts Alum! Picture yourself cuddled up on your sofa remembering the old days with this nostalgic (and comfortable) throw.


Hogwarts Mug from Very

Speaking of Hogwarts, this Hogwarts mug in Harry Potter's house colors makes a great addition to any room! Sip your tea with pride with this Hogwarts mug!


Float Coffee Table from 1stdibs

What better place to put your Hogwarts mug than on this floating coffee table (no spells required). 


Hogwarts Painting from Etsy

This painting is a beautiful reminder of Harry's experiences at his favorite wizarding school. Every time you gaze on it, you'll be reminded of the wonderful times you spent there!


Gryffindor Pillow from PBteen

Harry Potter could have been placed in any house but he chose Gryffindor! Show your crimson and gold pride with this Gryffindor throw pillow. 


Hogwarts Art Clock from Etsy

Remember your first time boarding the Hogwarts Express? We know Harry does! How could anyone forget an experience like that! Remember, don't be late or you might be in for a crazy ride.


Dark Brown Leather Wardrobe Trunk from Forzieri

Though it might be on the pricey side, this wardrobe trunk is the perfect replacement for that old beat up Hogwarts trunk, this one even has compartments. 


Dobby 7" Plush from Zing

Dobby gave his life to protect Harry Potter and as such was one of his most trusted companions (Despite the previous chaos he caused for him). Show your love for this free house elf with this little plush, perfect for your home. 


Jackson Tuxedo Sofa from Sandy Wilson Home

What more perfect way to celebrate Harry's Hogwarts House than with a sofa adorning the famous house colors! Now all you need is a little gold paint for the beautiful metal legs and you'll be the envy of your Gryffindor graduating class.